What to Look for When Choosing a Transport Company in Melbourne

Are you in the business of exporting, importing or freight forwarding? Handling the logistics of getting cargo from one place to another is part of the job. This is why it makes sense to hire the services of a transport service provider in your area. This way, you can rest assured your goods are always handled professionally while being transported securely to their destination.

Exporters and importers benefit from living close to ports and this is no different for Australian businesses. This means you can rely on the transport companies Melbourne customers are using to handle all their freighting requirements.

But why should you deal with different transport companies to handle the various aspects of your freighting business, when you could pick an all-in-one transport service provider – such as Dawson’s Fumigation & Logistics – who can handle all the logistics of moving your cargo from start to end.


What Are the Benefits of Using an All-Inclusive Transport Company in Melbourne?

Exporting and importing goods means having to manage various requirements, from collecting and storing your goods in a warehouse to handling all the logistical requirements of freighting.

The benefits of using end-to-end freight companies in Melbourne:

  • Correct fumigation services before goods are released for shipping
  • Full logistic solutions for efficient transporting of cargo
  • Using advanced technology and machinery to ensure goods are handled securely
  • Meeting high standards by ensuring goods are delivered on time
  • A traceable history of the services provided, no need to track down separate companies

Professional end-to-end transport and logistics service providers take the headache out of trying to manage all your shipping requirements on your own.


How to Pick a Transport Company in Melbourne

By picking a professional transport service provider who can handle all the logistics from start to end, you can be sure your cargo is always in safe hands.

Use this checklist to ensure the transport company you pick can handle all the logistics of moving your goods.


One of the requirements of exporting and importing goods is the fumigation of goods and shipping containers. When picking a company, you want to find one that can handle all fumigation using approved fumigants that meet the local and government standards. This way, you can be sure your cargo is treated professionally, protecting your goods and the country from pests.

Transporting Bulk Cargo

Getting your goods to or from the port can be a hassle especially if you’re dealing with bulk cargo in large shipping containers. Hiring a professional transport company that includes shipping container transport simply means you can sit back and let them handle the load efficiently and securely. Your goods will be transported to a warehouse at the port and stored safely before release.

Storage in Warehouses

Look for a service provider that can also secure warehousing for storing your cargo, for both the short-term and long-term. This way you can streamline the whole process of moving your goods from beginning to end. Side loader services also mean your shipping containers are safely loaded off the trucks upon delivery.

Delivery of Goods

To tie off the end of your end-to-end service, you will want your imported goods delivered to their final destination. It’s useful to deal with a transport service provider who also offers unpack services for shipping containers as this will eliminate the hard yards you may face of unpacking your container.


Final Thoughts

With so many different aspects linked to exporting or importing goods, you want to make sure your cargo is handled professionally throughout the process, from the moment it arrives to the final delivery. This way, you can avoid costly delays, potential damage to your goods, and even loss of cargo. Dealing with one transport company in Melbourne that can handle all the logistics gives you peace of mind your cargo is being always handled professionally.

To reap the benefits of using an all-in-one logistics and transport service provider, contact Dawson’s Fumigation & Logistics on 03 9314 2222. Our highly skilled team are on standby 24/7 to assist you with all your fumigation, transport and logistics needs.