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Fumigation Melbourne

When it comes to freighted goods and shipping containers, Dawson’s have all of your import and export Fumigation needs covered. We offer a comprehensive range of fumigation services to our customers from a variety of industries. Fumigation services include; container fumigation, washing, inspection and even transport.

Brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB) and wood borers pose a risk to your cargo and Australia’s agricultural crops. Dawson’s are BMSB treatment providers. Our experienced operators can skillfully perform BMSB fumigation and a range of specialised fumigation services for your import and export goods, including both loose and containerised goods of all sizes and types, keeping your freight and the Australian agricultural industry free from these pests and others. 

Fumigation from Melbourne’s Industry Experts

Dawson’s team of licensed fumigations technicians have a wealth of experience within the fumigation and logistics industry. Providing knowledgeable and effective container fumigation services to support Melbourne’s businesses for their pest control and quarantine requirements.

We are committed to providing high-quality fumigation services in Melbourne with government-approved fumigants to effectively manage pests and disease. We follow strict biosecurity policies and procedures; all proper treatment processes are adhered to and quality audits conducted. We are also accredited AQIS service providers.

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We also offer mobile fumigation services to help us fulfil your fumigation requirements. Dawson’s provide reliable and competitively priced fumigation services in Melbourne 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Fumigation Services

We offer a range of fumigation services in Melbourne:

Dawson’s AQIS accredited services: 

  • Sea & Air Freight Depot (1.3)
  • Bulk Stockfeed/Fertiliser (2.3)
  • Heat Treatment Site (4.1)
  • Wash Bay (4.3)
  • Secure Unpack (4.7)
  • Methyl Bromide Fumigation (12.1)
  • Sulfuryl Fluoride (12.2)
  • Heat Treatment (12.3)

We specialise in

  • AQIS Inspections – Inspection of your goods or shipping containers may be required upon arrival.
  • AQIS Tailgates – All shipping containers that are on their way to be unpacked in Australian rural areas are subject to AQIS tailgate inspections.
  • AQIS Hold seals intact
  • AQIS Inspections for all FCL and LCL freight


What You Need to Know About BMSB Treatment

In order to protect Australia’s food suppliers, such as farmers as well as other sectors that could be severely impacted by a BMSB invasion, procedures have been put in place. This includes identifying and listing the target risk countries so that importers, port workers, and transporters can be on the lookout for this invasive pest.

Control measures also include targeting any cargo being shipped in from high-risk countries during the BMSB seasonal period. All goods transported in shipping containers into Australia are required to undergo BMSB treatment by an accredited AQIS service provider, Such as Dawson’s Fumigation & Logistics. These operators are fully equipped to handle all BMSB fumigation and treatment requirements according to the government regulations.

In order to comply with the Australian BMSB control procedures, government-approved fumigants must be used which include the required use of Sulfuryl Fluoride. Biosecurity policies, audits and measures must be adhered to by accredited fumigation service providers to keep the BMSB threat under control.

bmsb fumigation

The following responsibilities must be noted:

  • The product owner: This person is responsible for ensuring that all the products are treated.
  • The importer: Ensures all cargo adheres and complies with biosecurity regulations.
  • Shipper or exporter: Is responsible for producing an accredited treatment certificate at port of load.

The Australian government has stipulated what goods need to be treated for the BMSB and it includes a wide range of products. The list is extensive and includes goods such as wood, glass, metals, vehicles and parts, and printed books.

The BMSB threat to agriculture is real and it’s essential to take precautionary measures to prevent an invasion of this pest in Australia. Food security is vital for a healthy economy and managing biosecurity risks is the responsibility of everyone involved in producing, importing and transporting goods from target risk countries.

Need a BSMB fumigation provider in Melbourne? Give our experienced team of operators at Dawson’s Fumigation & Logistics a call on 03 9314 2222 and we’ll handle all your BMSB treatment requirements, efficiently and professionally.